Nuclear equipment design and manufacture

We recognise that there’s nothing ‘off the shelf’ about your needs.

Our manufacturing and support services have been developed over the years to add flexibility and value to our offer and to drive up quality at every stage of the process.

Cavendish Nuclear has a wealth of knowledge, with engineering being our largest capability within the organisation. Our expertise span through concept design, engineering and manufacture of bespoke plant and equipment.

Our services have supported many major projects across the nuclear sector, from waste management facilities such as Berkely Vaults Retrievals and PFCS through to Process Facility Units such as shield doors. We continue to support the Nuclear Sector in equipment design and manufacture, through emerging opportunities such as SMR/AMR modules and vessels.

Integral to delivery is our manufacturing capability, which comprises three manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities at Whetstone and Rosyth. Covering a wide range of manufactured products, from specialist waste containers to large scale equipment manufacture to support decommissioning projects. Whetstone and Rosyth also have extensive facilities to support full mock-up assembly and off-site commissioning activities.