Decommissioning and waste management

Cavendish Nuclear has over 60 years’ experience of decommissioning, fuel removal, decontaminating and dismantling nuclear reactors.

With approximately 100 specialists in waste management and characterization, and decades of experience, Cavendish Nuclear has strength and depth in the vital phases of strategy development, planning and characterisation.

In addition, we also have over 1000 mixed discipline engineers, project managers and safety case specialists capable of realizing waste projects from concept through to manufacture, installation and commissioning. Cavendish Nuclear proposes solutions that minimize complexity and make maximum use of commercially available equipment. Our skill lies in how we integrate these together to provide cost effective, timely and robust solutions, while our tier 1 and tier 2 experience gives us direct operational knowledge and insight into customer constraints and priorities when developing solutions and managing risk.

Our UK experience is drawn from a heritage of being the licensee of the Harwell, Winfrith, Magnox, Dounreay and Windscale nuclear sites. This includes a total of 27 different reactors ranging from small scale piles at Harwell to highly complex power generating reactors such as the Steam Generating Heavy Water Reactor (SGHWR) at Winfrith, the Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) at Dounreay and the Windscale Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor (WAGR). This experience has also been applied to complex nuclear reactor decommissioning programs across Europe and beyond.