Aligned with Babcock International Group, Cavendish Nuclear are committed to creating a sustainable future through our management of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance).

We look to run our business as sustainably as possible, focusing on reducing waste, increasing our energy and cost efficiencies as well as enriching the communities both inside and outside the business, providing social value.

We do this, due to growing expectations of all our stakeholders, but also because it is the right thing to do.

At Cavendish Nuclear we believe Nuclear has a significant place in the Net Zero society. Our Environment and Carbon Reduction strategy aims to ensure that our outputs as a business have minimal negative impact on the environment, through increasing energy and water efficiency, minimising business travel, reducing waste generation and disposal, and developing a Sustainable Delivery Tool. This will support Babcock International’s Plan Zero 40.

Plan Zero 40

We are committed to reducing our own and our clients energy usage and associated carbon footprint. Aligning with Babcock International Group’s Plan Zero 40 carbon reduction plan by developing a bottom up 10 year Plan for Carbon Reduction.

    • Key Elements of the plan include:
      • Increasing energy efficiency of manufacturing and lab sites
      • Rolling out use of Electric Vehicles
      • Utilising Water capture and storage
    • Our carbon management performance is accredited by the Carbon Trust
    • Link to Carbon Policy, Link to Sustainability Policy

The CRP should be specific to the bidding entity, or, provided certain criteria are met, may cover the bidding entity and its parent organisation. In order to ensure the CRP remains relevant, a Carbon Reduction Plan covering the bidding entity and its parent organisation is only permissible where the detailed requirements of the CRP are met in full, as set out in the Technical Standard and Guidance , and all of the following criteria are met:

  • The bidding entity is wholly owned by the parent;
  • The commitment to achieving net zero by 2050 for UK operations is set out in the CRP for the parent and is supported and adopted by the bidding entity, demonstrated by the inclusion in the CRP of a statement that this will apply to the bidding entity;
  • The environmental measures set out are stated to be able to be applied by the bidding entity when performing the relevant contract; and
  • The CRP is published on the bidding entity’s website.

See the disclosure here.

We have set ourselves an overall objective of reducing our carbon emissions by 40% by 2024.This will be achieved by meeting the requirements of individual strategies:

Energy & Water

  • Reduce energy use in buildings by 40%
  • Implementing recommendations made in ESOS and AC Inspection reports
  • Reduce Mains Water Usage by 50%

Business Travel

  • Reduce Land Travel (Car and Rail combined) by 50%
  • Reduce UK/Domestic flights by 50%
  • Increase the use of communication technologies


  • Reduce the amounts of controlled waste (including hazardous waste) produced by 60%
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • 100% of new packaging and stationary procured is certified by the Forest Stewardship Scheme (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

Sustainable Delivery

  • Sustainable delivery tool developed and embedded in the standard project delivery procedure

Our Social Impact Strategy is aligned to the UNSDG and the UK Governments Social Value model; to ensure we are prioritising the most significant social issues. Additionally, to best target socio-economic issues in the areas we operate, we collaborate with customers and third sector parties to best invest and support the communities we work in the most.

Skills based volunteering

Cavendish is passionate about supporting skills based volunteering, using our expertise to support third sector organisations in need; including, but not limited to; fundraising applications, bid writing support, communications and marketing, and project management.

Supporting the next generation

Cavendish understands the importance of supporting STEM activities to help develop the next generation of nuclear professionals and we encourage our employees to take up volunteering opportunities in schools.

Disability Confident employer

We are a company that provides an accessible place for those with disabilities to work effectively and bring the best of their talents.

Dedicated Social Impact Leads

We have dedicated leads to ensure we coordinate structured and effective Social Impact Plans for our project, programmes and frameworks.

At Cavendish Nuclear we are dedicated to having a fair, honest and transparent way of working. Our governance processes, procedures and leadership ensure we uphold this.

This is broken down in the Group wide Code of Business Conduct and includes (but is not) limited to the following:

  • Commitment to prevent Modern Slavery
  • Uncompromising stance to Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Ensuring the Security of all Customer information
  • A high standard of employee and supplier conduct
  • Utilising and supporting Small and Medium Suppliers