Our Services

Cavendish Nuclear’s capabilities span over civil decommissioning, defence and clean energy.

From decommissioning redundant nuclear facilities, through supporting the continuous at sea deterrent, to supporting the operation and build of nuclear power plants, our role in Cavendish Nuclear is to clean up the nuclear legacy and create a world where nuclear plays a key contribution in protecting our nation, ensuring security of energy supply and meeting our net zero commitments. Within Cavendish Nuclear, we work across three core markets: Clean Energy, Defence and Civil Decommissioning.

In Clean Energy we support EDF Energy in the operation of their nuclear reactor fleet and we are part of the MEH Alliance at Hinkley Point C designing and implementing to fit out the UK’s first new nuclear power station in two decades. We also have interests in the wider clean energy market, including Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Advanced Modular Reactors (AMRs). In Defence and Civil Decommissioning.

We play a leading role in the integration and delivery of complex engineering projects. We deliver concept design, engineering and delivery of major civil and defence nuclear facilities, and decommissioning projects. Our specialist consultancy, radiological laboratories and dosimetry services are also available to our customers.