Collaboration Award Recognition – Sellafield Retreatment Plant Project (SRP) IS0 44001

The Cavendish Nuclear and Sellafield Retreatment Plant Project (SRP) team have been successful in achieving ISO 44001 – Collaborative Working. This certification is the gold standard in collaborative working behaviour. This approach requires collaborative best practice; relationship management being effectively communicated and understood at all levels of the organisation as well as integrated into execution and delivery for all stakeholders.

Securing this certification also contributed to Sellafield Ltd being awarded the Institute for Collaborative Working’s Supply Chain Award in December 2020.

David Fulton, Cavendish Nuclear’s Programme Manager said,

“I am incredibly proud of the SRP team for reaching this standard and for their tenacity and perseverance in achieving this certification.”

The Sellafield Retreatment Plant Project

The Sellafield Retreatment Plant Project’s mission is to provide a facility that will receive special nuclear material from existing stores on the Sellafield site and process it into a form suitable for safe and suitable storage until 2120.

Cavendish Nuclear has developed a fully integrated, multi-discipline design team via the Progressive Design Services Alliance. This team is co-located with the client team and provides in the region of 200 engineering and technical experts focussed on achieving the optimum technical solution. The Engineering team is set to work by our highly experienced programme control and management professionals.