Cavendish Fluor Partnership merges site licence into a single business

Magnox Ltd and Research Sites Restoration Ltd (RSRL) have today (1st April 2015) been merged to create a single Site Licence Company (SLC), under the name of Magnox Ltd, by Parent Body Organisation (PBO) Cavendish Fluor Partnership. 

The move is a key element of Cavendish Fluor Partnership’s strategy to manage the successful, safe and efficient decommissioning of 12 of the UK’s nuclear sites (ten Magnox and two research sites) over the next 13 years.

Cavendish Fluor Partnership, a joint venture between British company Cavendish Nuclear and US company Fluor Corporation, became PBO on 1st September 2014 when share transfer and formal contract award by the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) took place.  The merging of the two SLCs is a key milestone in the current consolidation and transformation phase of this contract.  From 1st April the Harwell and Winfrith sites (formerly RSRL) have been awarded new licences by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) bringing them under the Magnox Ltd entity, and have been re-branded accordingly. In addition to this, the Environment Agency has issued environmental permits for the Harwell and Winfrith sites under the Magnox Limited legal entity.

The merger creates a single SLC leadership team, with a simplified structure under a common Board and executive structure spanning all 12 sites.  A four month period of shadow working in line with the new structure has been on-going since December 2014. 

As part of Cavendish Fluor Partnership’s single organisation strategy, the SLC will also standardise the management and operational systems and processes across all 12 sites, while maximising learning and sharing of experience across all locations. Cavendish Fluor Partnership has already implemented a common Enterprise Resource Planning system across the 12 sites and aims to employ a common integrated management system across the single SLC for an efficient, unified approach.  Integration of this shared management system and Magnox and RSRL processes will take place progressively from 1st April, taking the best from the two original SLCs.

Magnox Managing Director, Kenny Douglas, commented: “The decision to create a single SLC under the Magnox entity was taken after much consideration and engagement. All 12 sites share a strong history and heritage dating back many decades to the initial pioneering reactor designs.  The bringing together of the two SLCs into one will facilitate effective and efficient management of the 12 sites, with the opportunity to share learning and experience and take the best of each to develop optimal processes and procedures.  Our challenge now is to come together as one organisation and continue to make the Magnox brand synonymous with safely delivering excellence in decommissioning.”