Radiological Protection and Environmental Monitoring Services

Our team of world-class scientists, technicians and engineers provide a range of services across the nuclear industry including:

  • In-situ and laboratory based radiological contamination and exposure testing, combined with specialist calibration of
    radiation and conventional measurement equipment
  • Radioactive materials characterisation, assay and measurement services including radiometric facility characterisation solutions and radioactive waste assay solutions
  • Instrument maintenance, repair and calibration services and programmable electronic systems maintenance services
  • Radiometric instrument supply, criticality detection systems supply and maintenance, radiometric protection instruments supply and maintenance, bespoke instrument design and maintenance, software development services
  • Obsolescence services including electronics obsolescence services and component remanufacture
  • Approved dosimetry service

Read About Some of Our Services:

Cavendish Nuclear offers a world-class capability for analytical services from its Greeson Court environmental laboratories, to support quality, safety and environmental standards, regulatory compliance and research and testing programmes in nuclear, civil and industrial sectors. Greeson Court, located in a modern, purpose-built 4,200 m2 facility in Whitehaven Cumbria UK, provides a wide range of leading edge analytical techniques that can be applied to a multitude of environmental, biological and effluent sample types.

As part of its analytical procedures Cavendish Nuclear has developed a rigorous quality control and management system accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 the International quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The Laboratory is UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 1604.


  • Laboratory Analysis (ISO17025 accredited)
  • Environmental and bioassay contamination testing to low detection limits
  • Stack discharge sample testing
  • Site characterisation and clearance testing

Cavendish Nuclear has over 50 years of experience in providing radiological measurements, support and advice to nuclear facilities around the world. This work is carried out by our team of highly qualified and experienced physicists, technicians and engineers. Cavendish Nuclear provides a range of radiological and radiometric measurements to ensure the efficiency and safety of nuclear material processing facilities.

A key component of our service has been the provision of in-situ non-destructive assay measurements in support of operating plants, decommissioning projects and waste management facilities.

Cavendish Nuclear has specialist teams delivering comprehensive repair, maintenance and calibration services for Installed and Portable Radiation Protection Instruments to support customers in meeting the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations, 2017.

The installed instruments include change room contamination monitors such as whole body monitors, contamination frisk probes and hand contamination monitors.

The Nuclear Materials Assay Instrument Services team offers a full service comprising specialist instrument operation, routine and breakdown maintenance, instrument and spares management (including repair, replacement, obsolescence & asset management) of nuclear material assay systems.

Cavendish Nuclear Filtration Technology Service Team can be applied to gaseous filter assessment, specification, installation, testing and analysis, helping nuclear plant operators to meet their legal obligations concerning gaseous discharges to the environment.

Cavendish Nuclear is a leading provider of approved dosimetry services (ADS) to the UK nuclear industry, covering an extensive range of personal dosimetry requirements for over 130,000 people in the UK.

The ADS has been a leading provider to the UK nuclear industry for the past 50 years and is the world leader in the use of personal dosimeters (EPDs) for legal Dosimetry. It is still the only significant service in the world to have government approval to use EPDs for legal dosimetry with the first site, Oldbury Power Station in Gloucestershire, gaining approval in June 2000.

Our Berkeley based Approved Dosimetry Service (ADS) includes:

  • Assessment service PDS (Personal Dosimetry Service)
  • Co-ordination and Central Dose Records Service (CDRS).
  • Approved for both IRR99 and REPPIR
  • Working member of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (known as EURADOS) since 1986

Cavendish Nuclear offers a comprehensive range of radiation detection, monitoring and measurement systems to customers in the nuclear, defence, civil, environmental and industrial sectors.

  • Supply of radiation protection instruments
  • Supply of criticality incident detection systems
  • Bespoke instrument design, supply and support
  • Software development services

Cavendish Nuclear operates a purpose built electronics workshop where we carry out the repair and re-manufacture of original PCBs and electronics assemblies. By offering this managed service for electronic PCBs and assemblies; including controlled environment storage, repair of faulty cards, calibration and configuration and testing of stock cards. This results in reduced plant downtime and maintenance of sufficient spares levels.

The EPD Service now has 19 nuclear site licence holders as clients. Data is processed and assessed for approximately 100,000 entries into controlled areas per month.