Cavendish Nuclear in the United States

The nuclear industries in the United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US) share many similarities in their plant designs, operational histories and in the search for safer, faster and more cost-effective technology to build, design and decommission facilities.  Cavendish Nuclear has a proven track record of managing UK nuclear sites that are comparable in size, scope and complexity to those in the US.

Recognising this, and to support the opportunity to collaborate to address the nuclear challenges being faced, Cavendish Nuclear has recently established a footprint in the US, opening an office in Arlington, Virginia. 

Richard Provencher, Cavendish Nuclear’s US Senior Vice President said, “We are confident that our expertise in the delivery of complex technical projects – from the dismantling of experimental reactors and reprocessing plants to the design and build of innovative waste retrieval systems and the shutdown and decommissioning of nuclear power plants – means we are well placed to support the US with its nuclear challenges.”