Bradwell Cavendish Fluor Partnership
Bradwell site in Essex placed into Care and Maintenance - a first for the UK nuclear industry

The Magnox Transformation

Val Drake, Cavendish Nuclear’s Waste Strategy Director, reflects on the achievements delivered at Magnox during the Cavendish Fluor Partnership tenure (September 2014 – September 2019).  

Over the last five years, a wide range of initiatives and strategies were delivered, which continue to deliver significant benefits to the Magnox estate and the UK taxpayer.

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Innovation: Magnox divers
For the first time, divers carried out the removal of pond furniture, including underwater cutting of emptied skips — an innovation that proved hugely successful.
Val Drake, Cavendish Nuclear’s Waste Strategy Director and former Magnox Waste Strategy & Permissioning Manager.
The safestores at Bradwell Site have been clad – the weatherproof covering will last for 100 years.

Magnox Sites Decommissioning – overview