Celebrating 25 years of Manufacturing Excellence in Chester

Cavendish Nuclear’s manufacturing facility in Chester, has reached the significant landmark of 25 years of operation.

Over the last 25 years, the Chester facility has been used for the development, testing and commissioning of products and bespoke equipment,  servicing the majority of nuclear customers including Sellafield, Magnox, EDF, Dounreay, AWE and Westinghouse.

The manufacturing team at CNML Chester

Boasting a 4400m2 fabrication and manufacturing floor space, Cavendish Nuclear has fabricated and tested high integrity stainless steel drums and stillages in support of numerous nuclear plant operations and intermediate level waste (ILW) storage.

Key capability:

  • Over 75,000 high integrity stainless steel products produced for all main operators in the UK nuclear industry, supporting both operations and decommissioning
  • Manufacturer of 3m3 drums and boxes, Type A Transportation packages, overpacks, stillages, and several drum variants and sizes, particularly 500 litre ILW  drums
  • Quality management systems and processes aligned to nuclear market requirements and streamlined to meet differing customer needs
  • Supplier of bespoke packaging solutions with ‘design for manufacture’ capability

In addition to Chester, Cavendish Nuclear’s manufacturing capability also comprises manufacturing, assembly and testing facilities at Leicester (Whetstone) and Rosyth in Scotland.

The three facilities deliver a wide range of manufacturing capabilities from specialist waste containers and products for decommissioning, to large scale complex projects for the offshore renewables, subsea oil and gas industries.

Find out more about the breadth of Cavendish Nuclear’s manufacturing capability here.