Cavendish Nuclear welcomes landmark sector deal with Government

Cavendish Nuclear is committed to working with Government, customers and the broader supply chain to deliver the nuclear industry’s target of a 20 per cent cut in the cost of decommissioning and a 30 per cent reduction in the price of new nuclear plants.

Welcoming a landmark sector deal announced by the UK Government, Chief Executive Simon Bowen said:

“Innovation is already delivering a step-change in the performance of the industry and I am proud that Cavendish Nuclear is making a significant contribution to the sector deal by delivering projects safer, faster and at lower cost. 

“Our partnership at Sellafield, for example, is delivering a complex engineering and construction project two years ahead of schedule for £250m less than previously estimated and with a safety record that is exemplary.”

The sector deal is the product of months of collaboration between the industry and government departments and is a key strand of the UK Government’s industrial strategy.

It was drawn up under the auspices of the Nuclear Council, the forum that brings together industry with government and academia. Cavendish Nuclear, a member of the council, led the production of the decommissioning and waste management section and played a leading role in completion of the overall deal.

The company brings a unique insight to the sector, occupying positions at every tier from niche consultancy services through to support for reactor operations, complex engineering and construction projects in the decommissioning and new build sectors, and programme and site management.

It also leads on Europe’s most complex site closure programme – decommissioning of the Dounreay site in northern Scotland – and is growing its presence internationally.