Cavendish Nuclear Recognise International Women’s Day 2019

Friday 8th March is International Women’s Day and this year’s campaign theme of #BalanceforBetter is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world.

Here at Cavendish Nuclear we are delighted to support this campaign, which is why we recently launched our first ever STEM Returners Programme!

Cavendish Nulcear employees supporting the #BalanceforBetter campaign

STEM Returners is a collaborative programme, partnered with the Women’s Engineering Society, and was established to help employers recruit, develop and retain the best available talent, and to enable highly qualified and experienced candidates to re-start their career or transfer their sills to another sector.

At Cavendish Nuclear, we operate in an incredibly skills short market and therefore we recognise the need to attract a much more diverse rich workforce for the future sustainability of our business and the industry as a whole. We continue to redress this imbalance through our future talent schemes, improvements to our recruitment processes and we are excited to add the Returners scheme to our portfolio that provides individuals with a supported route back to their career.

Having hosted a careers day in Bristol in February for a group of hopeful returners, we are making great progress to offer paid placements to those individuals who we believe could play a valuable role in Cavendish Nuclear.

Lead sponsor, Ian Grubb said;

“I am extremely proud to be involved in the STEM Returners programme. It was a pleasure to meet such a diverse, talented and driven group of people at our first event. So much so, we’ve made a number of placement offers in roles as broad as construction engineering, project engineering, planning.

Developing teams with diversity and equality at its heart is something that I am personally committed to doing.  At Cavendish Nuclear, we are always looking for ways to create #BalanceforBetter by providing a range of opportunities across the organisation for people at varying levels of experience as this is key to that goal.

We are a STEM based industry but individuals who are driven, willing, capable and who may have been out of industry for a while or who have non-STEM backgrounds are welcome to a apply for the programme.  Readdressing the balance will help us broaden our thinking, give us different ways of working and make us as better and more capable organisation of the future”.

Find out more here:

If you are a candidate looking to return or transfer to STEM please make contact at: [email protected]