Val Drake Canada UK Summit Mar20
Val Drake Canada UK Summit Mar20

Cavendish Nuclear Presents at Canada UK Nuclear Energy Summit

Val Drake, Cavendish Nuclear’s Waste Strategy Director, took part in a panel at the Canada UK Nuclear Energy Summit on 4 March, which was attended by over 100 delegates from the UK and Canadian governments, regulators, utilities and industries.

As part of the panel, Val discussed the key lessons learned from her experience in developing a simplified and standardised waste strategy across 12 UK nuclear sites, which has led to significant cost savings in the UK and the principles of which can be transferred to the benefit of the Canadian nuclear industry. She specifically highlighted the importance of simplicity of process and the early acknowledgement of the need for process change to move from an operational to decommissioning mind set to allow effective implementation.

Val said,

“This event provided a fantastic opportunity to share experience and discuss the challenges faced both in UK and Canada.”

Justin Hannah, Cavendish Nuclear’s Business Development Director, based in Toronto said,

“Cavendish Nuclear is committed to expanding its international in-country capabilities to build a sustainable future through nuclear clean energy and this event provided a good opportunity to discuss and engage on the shared challenges and opportunities and how businesses can work collaboratively to deliver best value for the industry, both in Canada and the UK.”