Breakthrough new system secures technical innovation award

Cavendish Nuclear’s new system for characterising alpha-contaminated environments, which promises to transform the decommissioning of redundant nuclear plant industry-wide, secured the Technical Innovation Award at the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Estate Supply Chain event on 1st November.

Using new, fast neutron detector technology, characterising large alpha-contaminated environments can be carried out safer, faster and at lower cost. Four active demonstrations carried out showed that the Plutonium Hold-Up Measurement System (PHUMS) could be four times faster and one-third the price of the current approach, as well as easier to deploy.

Janet Fletcher, head of products and services at Cavendish Nuclear said,

“I’m incredibly proud of the team that has developed this breakthrough technology and system.

“This type of innovation in the use of technology is transforming the ease with which redundant plant can be mapped for the build-up of plutonium on the inside of pipes, valves, gloveboxes and other kit that is reaching the end of its operational life.

“This is a fantastic example of how collaboratively, with our customers, we are innovating to deliver nuclear clean-up safer, faster, at lower cost.”