Cavendish Nuclear and EDF renew commitment to support the UK’s Nuclear Generation Fleet

Cavendish Nuclear have re-signed the Lifetime Enterprise Agreement between the two companies to secure critical capabilities and resources so Cavendish Nuclear can continue providing complex engineering support across the EDF Fleet.

This agreement protects key knowledge and facilities for the future and incentivises performance and delivery, underpinning the partnership principles of transparency, delivery, flexibility and sustainability.

Capabilities secured include the Whetstone advanced assembly and test facility in Leicester (which has an essential role in developing and supplying reactor protection, graphite monitoring, fuel route equipment and other services to EDF), a team to provide bespoke nuclear grade components and mitigate obsolescence risks, and safety, quality and technical leadership across all operational sites and facilities. These changes complement long-term arrangements already in place with EDF to further secure the necessary capability to safely operate the AGR & PWR fleet.

“This refreshed approach, building on the firm foundations of the LEA between EDF and Cavendish Nuclear, sets us up to deliver safer, faster and at lower cost for EDF, maximising safe, low carbon generation from the UK’s Nuclear Generation fleet. My thanks to the joint EDF and Cavendish Nuclear team who have worked in an open, transparent and collaborative manner to develop and agree a robust and mutually beneficial agreement.”

James Ewence – EDF & Fusion Business Director