Kozloduy NPP Decommissioning

Cavendish Nuclear managed all stages of the Kozloduy decommissioning investment packages, from initial project acceptance through to final closeout. Engineering and design services provided included the development of a site decommissioning strategy and preparation of technical specifications.

Six initial projects were managed as a single programme to optimise the interfaces between them and ensure consistent delivery.

The programme included an interim spent fuel storage facility; equipment for treatment and conditioning of radioactive wastes; equipment for decontaminating pools and tanks; a facility for high volume reduction of waste and a facility for monitoring radiation contamination of free release materials. We produced the functional specification for a new near surface Low Level Waste repository.

Our initial contract involvement was extended by five years in recognition of the services provided.

Kozloduy, Bulgaria
£7 million
1999 - 2013
Decommissioning & Waste Management, Construction