Instrument Supply

Cavendish Nuclear offers a comprehensive range of radiation detection, monitoring and measurement systems to customers in the nuclear, defence, civil, environmental and industrial sectors.


  • Supply of radiation protection instruments
  • Supply of criticality incident detection systems
  • Bespoke instrument design, supply and support
  • Software development services
Data Sheets

Criticality Incident Detection and Alarm Systems (CIDAS)

With 50 years’ experience in criticality incident detection and alarm systems, Cavendish
Nuclear is a world-leading provider of Criticality Incident Detection and Alarm Systems also known as CAAS).

More than 60 CIDAS® systems have been installed in major nuclear facilities in the UK, USA and Canada.

Building Evacuation System (BES) 

In emergency situations, the safety of personnel is the highest priority. They must be
alerted immediately and evacuated from the danger areas. This function is provided by
the Cavendish Nuclear General Alarm (GA) Evacuation System. As the alarm function uses distributed loudspeakers around the evacuation area it is common to add Public Address (PA) functionality to the General Alarm system, to provide a PAGA system.

Neutron Counting Electronics

Cavendish Nuclear’s proprietary neutron counting electronics is a proven and reliable
neutron detection signal collection and data processing technology that has been deployed on new instrumentation and is suitable for replacing obsolete or alternative neutron counting electronics systems.

This system is capable of performing neutron coincidence counting together with cosmic and muon corrections. The system can also perform HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) measurements utilising cosmic rays.

DrumScan® SGS Plus

The DrumScan® SGS Plus is a High Resolution segmented gamma scanner that reliably,
accurately and cost-effectively assays contaminated waste in drums, boxes, bags or filters.
It provides a record of the radionuclide inventory for final storage or further processing.

The system is highly configurable, easy to use and is suitable for both homogeneous and
heterogeneous wastes.

A number of DrumScan systems have been installed at various customer sites around the world which have processed and measured circa 50,000 drums.

DrumScan® HRGS Solo

Cavendish Nuclear’s DrumScan® HRGS Solo provides a single shot, high resolution gamma spectrometry assay for waste drums and boxes, delivering a reliable, fast, accurate and high sensitivity measurement.

This covers waste in drums from exempt waste, VLLW, LLW upto ILW.

Drop and Go

Cavendish Nuclear’s Drop & Go Monitor is a portable instrument which autonomously measures airborne Alpha and Beta contamination and Gamma Dose Rate. This measured radiometric data (together with location and status information) is transmitted via the 3G/4G mobile phone network back to a secure cloud based service which can be accessed from any location via a standard internet browser with access to the internet.


Cavendish Nuclear’s AmCam is a handheld, compact, lightweight device that combines a gamma ray spectrometry detector with a small video camera, capable of indicating radiation count rate alongside a corresponding video image of the area being surveyed. AmCam is ideally suited to Post Operational Clean Out (POCO) in alpha plant decommissioning. It is primarily aimed at plutonium measurement, providing a real time imaging solution to the operator and a comprehensive video record of the survey from which estimations of dose rate can be calculated. Applications include both internal and external glovebox surveys, pipework monitoring and in-cell characterisation.

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