Berkeley Vaults

The Berkeley Active Waste Vaults (AWV) retrieval programme comprises a number of discrete projects for the design and installation of mechanical handling and processing equipment required to retrieve historic Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) from three subterranean vaults.  The programme is scheduled for completion during early 2020.

Cavendish Nuclear adopted a modular strategy for the facilities, this approach maximised off-site assembly and testing and provided effective mitigation of the cost and programme risk associated with conventional construction and commissioning on a Nuclear Licensed Site.

Off-site assembly and integrated works testing of the modules were carried out the at our Whetstone facilities near Leicester.

In 2016, R2 was the first project to be handed over to Magnox Operations.  During active commissioning of these facilities, Cavendish Nuclear successfully retrieved and packaged 15Te of ILW from the Active Waste Vaults.

Berkeley Power Station
Approx £80 Million
2011 - present
Programme & Project Management, Optioneering & Design Services

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