Radiological Protection and Environmental Monitoring Services

Our team of world-class scientists, technicians and engineers provide a range of services across the nuclear industry including:

Cavendish Nuclear offers a world-class capability for analytical services from its Greeson Court environmental laboratories, to support quality, safety and environmental standards, regulatory compliance and research and testing programmes in nuclear, civil and industrial sectors. Greeson Court, located in a modern, purpose-built 4,200 m2 facility in Whitehaven Cumbria UK, provides a wide range of leading edge analytical techniques that can be applied to a multitude of environmental, biological and effluent sample types.

As part of its analytical procedures Cavendish Nuclear has developed a rigorous quality control and management system accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 the International quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The Laboratory is UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 1604.

  • Laboratory Analysis (ISO17025 accredited)
  • Environmental and bioassay contamination testing to low detection limits
  • Stack discharge sample testing
  • Site characterisation and clearance testing
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Greeson Court environmental laboratory facility is an internationally recognised provider of specialist radio-chemical analysis for a wide range of environmental and personnel matrices, requiring low limit of detection techniques.

Cavendish Nuclear has over 50 years of experience in providing radiological measurements, support and advice to nuclear facilities around the world. This work is carried out by our team of highly qualified and experienced physicists, technicians and engineers. Cavendish Nuclear provides a range of radiological and radiometric measurements to ensure the efficiency and safety of nuclear material processing facilities.

A key component of our service has been the provision of in-situ non-destructive assay measurements in support of operating plants, decommissioning projects and waste management facilities.  The range of services we provide includes:

  • Waste and facilities specialist measurement characterisation services
  • Assay and characterisation of spent fuel and radioactive wastes
  • Segregation of wastes between ILW, LLW, alpha LLW, VLLW, exempt and special categories
  • Gamma imaging to provide information on the spatial distribution of radioactivity
  • Production of 3D dose maps in support of decommissioning
  • Assay of wastes in bags, drums, boxes, 1m3 containers, LLWR approved iso-containers, WAMAC containers and ISO Skip containers
  • Measurement of U and Pu isotopics
  • Air / liquid interface detection to confirm status of pipe or vessel during decommissioning operations / planning
  • Expert data review of results from customer’s equipment
  • Theoretical assessment of wastes using calculational methods
  • Preparation and assessment of Letter of Compliance submissions for ILW processing, packaging and disposal
  • Measurement of radioactive contamination in the ground
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Cavendish Nuclear’s RadScan® 4pi Gamma Imaging system is used to provide an enhanced radiological characterisation of gamma hotspots in a variety of environments including building surfaces, cells, gloveboxes and process vessels.

PHUMS is a lightweight, compact and portable assay system with the flexibility to
measure the nuclear material content of a wide range of objects including process cells,
facilities, gloveboxes, pipes and drums to inform Post Operation Clean Out strategies.

Cavendish Nuclear’s Liquor Level Monitor uses the neutron backscatter technique in a hand held instrument which measures the level and interfaces of liquids such as water and oils in vessels, tanks and pipes.

Cavendish Nuclear has a proven ability to generate 3D gamma dose rate maps in high
dose rate nuclear environments to support operations and decommissioning planning,
minimising operator dose uptake. This technique involves combining radiometric
measurements with the plant geometry in a computer model.

We have over 40 years of experience providing radiological and radiometric
measurements, support and advice to nuclear facilities. A key component of our service
has been the provision of on-site non-destructive assay measurements in support of
operating plant, decommissioning projects and waste storage/treatment facilities.

DISPIM® is a modular, mobile, re-configurable neutron assay system with the flexibility to measure the plutonium content of a wide range of object sizes and shapes including, but not limited to, gloveboxes, crates and drums, determining both the mass and distribution of plutonium within the object.

Cavendish Nuclear has specialist teams delivering comprehensive repair, maintenance and calibration services for Installed and Portable Radiation Protection Instruments to support customers in meeting the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations, 1999.

The installed instruments include change room contamination monitors such as whole body monitors, contamination frisk probes and hand contamination monitors.

The Nuclear Materials Assay Instrument Services team offers a full service comprising specialist instrument operation, routine and breakdown maintenance, instrument and spares management (including repair, replacement, obsolescence & asset management) of nuclear material assay systems.

Cavendish Nuclear Filtration Technology Service Team can be applied to gaseous filter assessment, specification, installation, testing and analysis, helping nuclear plant operators to meet their legal obligations concerning gaseous discharges to the environment.

Dedicated facitlties for repair and calibration of instrumentation including:

  • Repair and calibration all radiation protection instruments
  • Through life support of criticality incident detection systems
  • Repair and support to spcialist programmable electronic system instruments performing safeguards, nuclear safety and plant operations functions
  • Filter testing services Particulate (HEPA) Filter Testing Services for Fixed and Portable Systems
  • In-Situ leak testing service
  • Iodine Adsorption Plant Performance Testing Services
  • Ventilation System Health Assessment Services
  • Building / protected room in-leakage testing Services
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Cavendish Nuclear offers a wealth of expertise in gaseous filter technology gained over
more than 40 years of close association with major licensed nuclear facilities, helping
nuclear plant operators to meet their legal obligations concerning gaseous discharges to
the environment.

Cavendish Nuclear provides a comprehensive high quality support service for all types
of radiometric, radiological and radiation protection instrumentation. This service
encompasses repair, maintenance, calibration, obsolescence management, spares and
asset management, system modifications and upgrades.

Cavendish Nuclear is a leading provider of approved dosimetry services (ADS) to the UK nuclear industry, covering an extensive range of personal dosimetry requirements for over 130,000 people in the UK.

The ADS has been a leading provider to the UK nuclear industry for the past 50 years and is the world leader in the use of electronic dosemeters (EPDs) for legal Dosimetry. It is still the only significant service in the world to have government approval to use EPDs for legal dosimetry with the first site, Oldbury Power Station in Gloucestershire, gaining approval eleven years ago in June 2000.

Our Berkeley based Approved Dosimetry Service (ADS) includes:

  • Assessment service PDS (Personal Dosimetry Service) and a
  • Co-ordination and Central Dose Records Service (CDRS). The ADS
  • Approved for both IRR99 and REPPIR
  • Working member of the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (known as EURADOS) since 1986
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Cavendish Nuclear is a leading provider of approved dosimetry services (ADS) to the UK
nuclear industry, covering an extensive range of personal dosimetry requirements for over
130,000 people in the UK.

Cavendish Nuclear offers a comprehensive range of radiation detection, monitoring and measurement systems to customers in the nuclear, defence, civil, environmental and industrial sectors.

  • Supply of radiation protection instruments
  • Supply of criticality incident detection systems
  • Bespoke instrument design, supply and support
  • Software development services
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With 50 years’ experience in criticality incident detection and alarm systems, Cavendish
Nuclear is a world-leading provider of Criticality Incident Detection and Alarm Systems.
More than 60 CIDAS® systems have been installed in major nuclear facilities in the UK, USA and Canada.

In emergency situations, the safety of personnel is the highest priority. They must be
alerted immediately and evacuated from the danger areas. This function is provided by
the Cavendish Nuclear General Alarm (GA) Evacuation System. As the alarm function uses distributed loudspeakers around the evacuation area it is common to add Public Address (PA) functionality to the General Alarm system, to provide a PAGA system.

Cavendish Nuclear’s proprietary neutron counting electronics is a proven and reliable
neutron detection signal collection and data processing technology that has been deployed on new instrumentation and is suitable for replacing obsolete or alternative
neutron counting electronics systems.

The DrumScan® SGS Plus is a High Resolution segmented gamma scanner that reliably,
accurately and cost-effectively assays contaminated waste in drums, boxes, bags or filters.
It provides a record of the radionuclide inventory for final storage or further processing.
The system is highly configurable, easy to use and is suitable for both homogeneous and
heterogeneous wastes.

Cavendish Nuclear’s DrumScan® HRGS Solo provides a single shot, high resolution gamma spectrometry assay for waste drums and boxes, delivering a reliable, fast, accurate and high sensitivity measurement.

Cavendish Nuclear’s Drop & Go Monitor is a portable instrument which autonomously measures airborne Alpha and Beta contamination and Gamma Dose Rate. This measured radiometric data (together with positional and status information) is transmitted via the 3G/4G mobile phone network back to a secure cloud based service which can be accessed from any location via a standard internet browser with access to the internet.

Cavendish Nuclear’s AmCam is a handheld, compact, lightweight device that combines a gamma ray spectrometry detector with a small video camera, capable of indicating radiation count rate alongside a corresponding video image of the area being surveyed.

Cavendish Nuclear operates a purpose built electronics workshop where we carry out the repair and re-manufacture of original PCBs and electronics assemblies. By offering this managed service for electronic PCBs and assemblies; including controlled environment storage, repair of faulty cards, calibration and configuration and testing of stock cards. This results in reduced plant downtime and maintenance of sufficient spares levels.

The EPD Service now has 19 nuclear site licence holders as clients. Data is processed and assessed for approximately 100,000 entries into controlled areas per month.

  • Including cost effective re-manufacturing service that prevents the need for costly plant modifications
  • Anti-counterfeit measures for sourced components is available and all services are fully accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001
  • All staff are accredited to IPC-7711 and IPC-7721 for rework and repair of electronic assemblies
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Cavendish Nuclear’s Electronics Obsolescence Service has a proven reputation for resolving
issues with obsolete electronics assemblies. Our team provides a fault finding, repair,
refurbishment and re-manufacturing service for a range of original equipment manufacturer
(OEM) assemblies and individual printed circuit boards.