Radiological Services and Environmental Monitoring

We work with nuclear facilities across the globe and continually invest in the best people and technology to assure our place as the leading specialist provider of these critical services.

Cavendish Nuclear has over 50 years’ experience in providing radiological detection, monitoring, characterisation and measurement systems and services to nuclear facilities around the world.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced physicists, technicians and engineers deliver radiological characterisation in support of reactor decommissioning, land characterisation and plant operating programmes.

Key Customers
  • Sellafield Ltd
  • Low Level Waste Repository Ltd (LLWR)
  • EDF Energy
  • DSRL (Dounreay)
  • Magnox Ltd
  • Ministry of Defence
  • HM Naval Base Rosyth
  • Rolls Royce
  • Environmental Agency
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Cavendish Nuclear offers a world-class capability for analytical services from its Greeson Court environmental laboratories, to support quality, safety and environmental standards, regulatory compliance and research and testing programmes in nuclear, civil and industrial sectors.

Greeson Court, located in a modern, purpose-built 4,200 m2 facility in Whitehaven, Cumbria UK, provides a wide range of leading edge analytical techniques that can be applied to a multitude of environmental, biological and effluent sample types.

As part of its analytical procedures Cavendish Nuclear has developed a rigorous quality control and management system accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 the International quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The Laboratory is UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 1604.

Cavendish Nuclear offers its analytical skills and resources on a standalone basis to support existing programmes or as an integral component of additional related services to support nuclear and civil operators. These additional services include:

  • HSE – Approved personal Dosimetry Services (ADS) support.
  • Measurement of liquid and aerial effluent streams for compliance with regulatory discharge authorisations.
  • Measurement of all types of environmental samples to comply with the Compilation of Environmental Agency Requirements (CEAR).
  • Sample collection and preparation on-site.
  • Management and control of the logistics of sample movement

With its close proximity to Sellafield, Europe’s largest licensed nuclear site, Cavendish Nuclear offers a unique understanding of the regulatory issues relating to the protection of personnel and the environment.

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With a performance-proven record the radiometrics team currently assesses, calibrates and repairs tens of thousands of radiological instruments annually, offering a high quality service with a rapid turnaround.

Our people offer a comprehensive high quality support service for all types of radiometric, radiological and radiation protection instrumentation, encompassing repair, maintenance, calibration, obsolescence management, spares management, asset management, modification and upgrades.

We are able to maintain installed changeroom contamination monitors such as whole body monitors, contamination frisk probes and hand contamination monitors along with activity in air monitors, gamma monitors and criticality incident detection alarm systems. Portable health physics instruments including dose rate monitors and contamination meters are also maintained.

We also offer a full service for nuclear materials assay systems, comprising specialist instrument operation, routine and breakdown maintenance, instrument and spares management (including repair, replacement, obsolescence and asset management). These systems are used to support plant operations, production and decommissioning projects and require high availability of service. Our highly proficient and comprehensive support for standard and bespoke nuclear assay systems ensures maximum availability of these systems.

Our calibration service is provided using dedicated radiation test cells or source test rigs capable of handling over 40 different instrumentation types. The service includes the maintenance of lifetime records for instrument calibration and the issuing of calibration certificates.

Our facilities include shielded cells for gamma, x-ray and neutron measurements using sources that are traceable to national and international standards. We are also able to undertake type-testing of instruments for particular applications to confirm their fitness for purpose and ensure their compliance with appropriate standards and approvals.

Cavendish Nuclear operates a comprehensive software development capability underpinned by a proven QA system and experienced project management team.
The software engineering team within Cavendish Nuclear is staffed by a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers who can offer services spanning the full development lifecycle from requirements capture and analysis, through software design, development and testing, to deployment, support and maintenance.

Cavendish Nuclear can deliver innovative and robust systems covering a number of areas, including:

  • Radiometric instrumentation
  • Safety systems to comply with IEC61508
  • Real-time data acquisition and control
  • Intranet applications and browser-based interfaces
  • Windows desktop applications
  • SQL database systems
  • 3D imaging and virtual reality
  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Cloud computing
  • Distributed systems

Many of these applications require the creation of systems to meet complex requirements within a fixed budget and timescale. The integration of third party software and hardware in addition to bespoke development leads to cost effective solutions, with all work underpinned by a mature quality assurance system accredited to ISO 9001.

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Cavendish Nuclear operates a purpose built electronics workshop where we carry out the repair and re-manufacture of original PCBs or electronics assemblies.

We offer a managed service for electronic PCBs and assemblies including controlled environment storage, repair of faulty cards, calibration and configuration and testing of stock cards, resulting in reduced plant downtime and maintenance of sufficient spares levels.

Our re-manufacturing service can be employed to build up and maintain stock levels for spare boards. We are able to source original components and re-manufacture boards within a short timescale. Our service includes reverse engineering of obsolete or unsupported items, often when no design information is available. We are able to analyse components and skim multilayer PCBs in order to determine interconnection designs for both through hole and surface mount systems, enabling a cost effective re-manufacturing service that prevents the need for costly plant modifications.

All services are fully accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

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