Pictured: Cavendish Nuclear's Kathleen Stevenson and keynote speaker, Office of Nuclear Regulation's Adrienne Kelbie

Cavendish Nuclear was proud to support the Women Physicists in the Nuclear Industry event organised by the Institute of Physics Nuclear Industry Group (NIG) and Women in Physics Group (WiPG) at Harwell Campus, Didcot on 25th April. The event, attended by around 50 women and men from across the industry, provided an opportunity to both showcase the work of women in the nuclear sector and facilitate networking.

Attending the event was Cavendish Nuclear’s Kathleen Stevenson (Health, Safety, Environment and Radiation Protection Director) who said,

"I’m pleased that we were able to provide sponsorship. We recognise the importance of these types of events in enhancing the professional development of women in the nuclear industry through sharing experiences and networking.”

Heather Beaumont, Chair of the IOP Nuclear Industry Group, said,

"I am delighted that our event was a success with attendees from a wide range of industrial and academic backgrounds and at varying stages of their careers. The audience was engaged throughout the day and the speakers and panel discussions gave an excellent balance to the event.”