Power plants boosted by new ops hub

Cavendish Nuclear is strengthening its delivery of fuel route services to EDF Energy’s fleet of nuclear power stations through the creation of a trouble-shooting hub in Leicestershire.

The newly-established operations centre provides support in the spares delivery area across the EDF Energy fleet, reducing the risk to the customer of unplanned outages or extending planned outages caused by delays to the delivery of spares and equipment.

As the Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactors age and their systems become increasingly obsolete, the supply and servicing of equipment and spare parts become increasingly vulnerable to interruption.

To counter this, the operations centre tracks the supply of fuel route spares across the UK by Cavendish Nuclear under four different areas – demand spares, kitting, projects and refurbished parts.

Data is updated daily, letting Ron Johnson, the senior project manager in charge of the centre, spot emerging trouble-spots in the delivery of spares in the four different areas.

His multi-disciplinary team meets twice a week to focus their energy on those tasks highlighted as most at risk and develop the solutions that will nip problems quickly in the bud.

Their activity is captured in a weekly report that is distributed to more than 100 people across Cavendish Nuclear and EDF Energy.
It gives the customer greater insight of how the contract is being delivered– and how the potential risks to its reactor operations and revenue are being identified and mitigated.

“The operations centre lets us prioritise those ‘at risk’ tasks, provide up to date communications on progress and allocate resources to eliminate potential blockers to their delivery to EDF. It is working very well and strengthening our service in an area of critical importance to the customer” Ron Johnson, Cavendish Nuclear senior project manager .