Half time at Dungeness

On a typical British summers day at Dungeness (cloudy, windy and cold) Dungeness B Power station celebrated the half way point of the 2017 Statutory Outage, which commenced on 16th June 2017 when R21 was shut down. 

Cavendish Nuclear joined with EDF in sponsoring local artisan ice-cream producer Simply Ice Cream from Bonnington to deliver their delicious handmade ice cream on to site.

The van and servers set up at 2 locations on site, North Site outside the Cavendish Nuclear offices and at the Station Control Centre and offered 4 delicious flavours - Mint Choc Chip, Dreamy Vanilla, Divine Chocolate, and Sublime Strawberry. Many staff members sampled a number of flavours!

All members of staff on site were invited to join the event via a ticket issued at the turnstiles when they arrived – the ticket gave information on all of the achievements throughout the outage so far including the work done by Cavendish Nuclear on Gas Circulators 23 and 24.

Rebecca Cavanagh EDF Communications Manager at Dungeness B said “It was great to get the support of our contract partner Cavendish Nuclear in sponsoring the event and although it wasn’t the warm sunshine we hoped for, all members of staff on site really enjoyed the ice cream”