Celebrating a year of progress across the Magnox sites

Cavendish Nuclear, as the lead partner in the Cavendish Nuclear Partnership Joint Venture, which is responsible for managing the decommissioning of the 12 Magnox sites, is proud of the significant progress being made to deliver nuclear decommissioning safer, faster and at lower cost.

As highlighted in the summary published, key achievements include:

  • forging ahead with the closure of the Bradwell site;
  • continued defuelling at Wylfa;
  • nuclear material transfers from Harwell to Sellafield
  • and making significant advances in hazard reduction across all our sites:

Asbestos removal – major asbestos removal projects being undertaken on four sites
Waste retrievals and packaging – no fewer than five new waste retrieval/packaging plants going into operation during the year
Decommissioning – good progress in ponds across four sites and considerable demolition and plant removal works being undertaken on five sites with work about to commence on two further sites.

The Achievements summary only features a few of the successes being delivered by the Magnox and Cavendish Fluor Partnership team but this provides a strong indication of the amount and range of progress being delivered across the sites.

Simon Bowen, CEO Cavendish Nuclear said,

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“The Magnox Board is proud of the significant progress made by all of our teams across the Magnox estate, during what has been an unsettling year. We are confident that this significant pace of progress will continue next year and we look forward to delivering more milestone successes in 2018/19.”