Simon Bowen and Mark Rouse Signing

Cavendish Nuclear Limited, UK1 (Cavendish Nuclear) and Shimizu Corporation (Shimizu) have announced the signing of a technical cooperation agreement, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), for the decommissioning of Japanese nuclear power plant. Shimizu will develop its decommissioning business in the Japanese domestic market utilizing the technologies and expertise of Cavendish Nuclear – the largest supplier of specialist nuclear services in the UK.

Cavendish Nuclear, a wholly owned subsidiary of Babcock International, has over 50 years’ experience of decontamination and dismantling nuclear reactors, and is currently overseeing the decommissioning of multiple nuclear power plants in the UK, including gas-cooled reactors, fast breeder reactors and research reactors.

Shimizu has more than 40 years’ experience of technical development, design, construction and maintenance of nuclear power plant, and decommissioning work of nuclear power plant including research reactors and Tokai Nuclear Power Plant (the first commercial reactor in Japan). As a result, it has accumulated technology and experience of nuclear power plant decommissioning, especially the demolition of buildings.

Commenting on the announcement, Simon Bowen, Managing Director of Cavendish Nuclear, said: “We are delighted and excited to be working in partnership with Shimizu Corporation, an organisation which like Cavendish Nuclear, is a leader in its industry sector. With the signing of this MoU we look forward to being able to capitalise on the extensive expertise that exists between us. It is our business to understand complex engineering and as a business we thrive on managing complexity and providing optimised solutions to challenging engineering situations.”

As part of the agreement Shimizu will be supporting electricity companies which are planning the decommissioning of nuclear power plants in Japan from the early stage preparatory work through to final demolition, utilizing the technology and experiences available under the agreement. As a result of this joint collaboration with Cavendish Nuclear, Shimizu will be contributing to the development and successful progress of Japanese nuclear power plant decommissioning activities.