Radiological Services

Cavendish Nuclear Radiological Services has the skills and experience in radiological characterisation in support of reactor decommissioning, land characterisation and plant operating programmes. Cavendish Nuclear has over 50 years of experience in providing radiological measurements, support and advice to nuclear facilities around the world. This work is carried out by our team of highly qualified and experienced physicists, technicians and engineers.

A key component of our service has been the provision of in-situ non-destructive assay measurements in support of operating plants, decommissioning projects and waste management facilities. Our Radiometric Specialist Measurement Service capability and experience within the nuclear industry enables us to provide cutting edge detection and measurement solutions for the civil and security nuclear markets.

Our Key Customers:

  • Sellafield Ltd
  • Low Level Waste Repository Ltd (LLWR)
  • EDF Energy
  • DSRL (Dounreay)
  • Magnox Ltd
  • Ministry of Defence
  • HM Naval Base Rosyth
  • Rolls Royce
  • Environmental Agency

Our Radiometric Specialist Measurement Service capability includes:

  • Assay and characterisation of radioactive materials
  • Segregation of wastes between ILW, LLW, VLLW, exempt and other special wastes
  • Gamma imaging to provide spatial distribution of radioactive materials
  • Assay of wastes in bags, drums, boxes, skips, iso-freight and other containers
  • Identification and quantification of radionuclides in wastes or process items
  • Measurement of radioactive contamination in the ground
  • Production of 3D dose maps to support decommissioning and remediation activities
  • In-situ measurement of wastes and structures including cells, vaults, drains, culverts, reholes and blind tubes
  • Measurement of fissile material and U and Pu isotopic compositions
  • Liquor level / interface detection

Cavendish Nuclear offers a comprehensive range of radiation detection, monitoring and measurement systems to customers in the nuclear, defence, civil, environmental and industrial sectors.


With over 40 years’ experience in decommissioning, we have developed a range of instrumentation and services that provide the specific measurement and characterisation data needed at each of the key stages in the nuclear process. Innovative and operationally proven technologies are used successfully within alpha and beta/gamma active plants worldwide. These include gamma imaging and the measurement of residual plutonium in redundant plants. In addition new radiometric systems will non-intrusively detect liquor in pipes and vessels and categorise waste for re-use, recycle or disposal.

Waste Management

Cavendish Nuclear has a unique insight into the problems posed by the handling, treatment, characterisation, transport and disposal of radioactive wastes to meet regulatory requirements. Our innovative measurement and characterisation technologies are successfully installed in many major nuclear facilities throughout the world, optimising waste classification to ensure the safest and most cost-effective routes are identified. Cavendish Nuclear’s DrumScan® waste assay and plutonium monitoring instrumentation and systems provide fast, accurate, analysis with a high integrity of data using proven alpha, beta, gamma and neutron based measurement techniques.

Plant Operations

The safe and cost-efficient operation of major nuclear facilities depends upon customised process monitoring systems that have been designed, installed and commissioned by Cavendish Nuclear. From initial problem definition through to on-going services and technical support, we have the expertise, operational experience and the resources to create a process monitoring or plant control solution that matches your individual needs.

Fuel Management

Cavendish Nuclear has developed a wealth of experience in the monitoring of spent fuels to provide fissile content enrichment, cooling time and burn up data. Fuel monitoring systems designed and built by Cavendish Nuclear have been successfully operated by major fuel reprocessing plants for over 30 years, providing accurate measurements day after day on a 24-hour basis. This operationally proven technology has been developed further with the introduction of our Spent Fuel Monitoring Service. This is based on High Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy within a modular configuration that easily adapts to wet or dry conditions for all commercial uranium oxide fuels.

Environmental Laboratories / Services

Cavendish Nuclear offers a world-class capability for analytical services from its Greeson Court environmental laboratories, to support quality, safety and environmental standards, regulatory compliance and research and testing programmes in nuclear, civil and industrial sectors.

Greeson Court, located in a modern, purpose-built 4,200 m2 facility in Whitehaven Cumbria UK, provides a wide range of leading edge analytical techniques that can be applied to a multitude of environmental, biological and effluent sample types.

A new Controlled Area facility has been set up to support the special requirements of more active, decommissioning and site closure samples without impacting on other workstreams.

As part of its analytical procedures Cavendish Nuclear has developed a rigorous quality control and management system accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17025 the International quality standard for testing and calibration laboratories by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). The Laboratory is UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 1604.

In comparison with peer group service providers Cavendish Nuclear has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to deliver cost-effective analytical solutions to consistently high standards of quality, within agreed time scales and budget.

Cavendish Nuclear offers its analytical skills and resources on a standalone basis to support existing programmes or as an integral component of additional related services to support nuclear and civil operators. These additional services include:

  • HSE - Approved personal Dosimetry Services (ADS) support.
  • Measurement of liquid and aerial effluent streams for compliance with regulatory discharge authorisations.
  • Measurement of all types of environmental samples to comply with the Compilation of Environmental Agency Requirements (CEAR).
  • Sample collection and preparation on-site.
  • Management and control of the logistics of sample movement

With its close proximity to Sellafield, Europe’s largest licensed nuclear site, Cavendish Nuclear offers a unique understanding of the regulatory issues relating to the protection of personnel and the environment.


With a performance-proven record the radiometrics team currently assesses, calibrates and repairs tens of thousands of radiological instruments annually offering a high quality service with a rapid turnaround. All work is performed following the requirements of our quality management system.

In addition the team undertakes type testing of instruments for particular applications to confirm their fitness for purpose and to ensure their compliance with appropriate standards and approvals.

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