You probably know us better than you think

You probably know us better than you think.

Cavendish Nuclear was launched in 2013 – but our heritage dates back more than half a century.

The business consolidated, under a single brand, many of the leading organisations in the history of nuclear energy in the UK:

  • Alstec (acquired in 2006)
  • INS (acquired in 2008)
  • Weir, Strachan and Henshaw (acquired in 2008)
  • UKAEA (acquired in 2009)
  • VT Nuclear Services (acquired in 2010)
  • Deva Manufacturing Services (acquired in 2010)
  • Dounreay (2012)
  • Research Sites Restoration Ltd (2014)
  • Magnox (2014)

These organisations came together in 2013 as Cavendish Nuclear – a single brand and a tribute to the renowned British physicist Henry Cavendish who discovered hydrogen.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Babcock International Group PLC and the UK’s leading supplier of services to the nuclear industry at home and abroad, Cavendish Nuclear brings together the rich heritage of the UK’s capabilities in nuclear energy to offer unrivalled experience and expertise across the life cycle of nuclear power plant.

Today, the business is based in London, United Kingdom with offices and sites in the UK, France and Japan, offering unrivalled experience and expertise across all aspects of the nuclear energy life cycle.