What Sets Us Apart

In today's world, where organisations are seeking to reduce costs, drive efficiencies and improve standards of service, Cavendish Nuclear is strongly positioned to meet our customers' needs through a unique offering that sets us apart.

A strong service culture
Our people take ownership of performance - all day, every day. We do the right thing by our customers and have an outstanding track record: we are trusted to deliver

Leadership positions in selected markets
We hold leadership positions in selected markets that allow us to have the depth of knowledge and economies of scale to serve our customers efficiently.

Complex integrated output contracts
We deliver complex integrated outputs while saving our customers money. We specialise in large, long-term contracts delivering the bespoke needs of our customers.

Clear customer empathy
Our mindset and behaviours focus on listening to our customers, understanding their real needs and offering affordable and timely solutions. We are willing to take on delivery risk, so our interests are aligned with our customers. We are easy to do business with.

A focus on engineering support
We understand complex engineering. Our services are critical to our customers' output, often in specialist secure environments. We provide optimised solutions that deliver best integrated value for money.

Ownership of know-how and assets
We own unique infrastructure and have extensive know-how of our customers' environment, their infrastructure and equipment. We understand their complex multiple objectives and constraints. We thrive on managing complexity and uncertainty